We so appreciate your patience and grace as our leadership took these last 60 days to navigate the current issues facing LA and the world. Our dream has been to stay faithful to the 1DayLA vision while prioritizing safety for you – our remarkable team members, and every citizen on the other end of our outreaches. As the effects of the COVID-19 crisis continue to change the way we love and serve our world, we, like many of you, have recognized two things: 1) The need in Los Angeles, both practical and emotional, has grown exponentially. 2) Several of the core pillars of the 1DayLA vision (such as hosting a global team, mass air travel, mass ground transportation, mass hotel accommodations, large outdoor outreaches and a stadium gathering with tens of thousands of people in attendance) will not be viable within the restrictions that Los Angeles County has issued for July 2020. We whole-heartedly believe that these are pillars of the vision that must live in strength within 1DayLA. There is no 1DayLA without a global team. There is no 1DayLA without you. That is why the full 1DayLA vision as originally designed will be moved to July 18-25, 2021.

However, this does not change the fact that Los Angeles needs the practical hands and hopeful spirit of “Love Has No Limits” NOW. We stand in a tremendous opportunity to reach LA in a historic time of need. This is why a few of the pillars of this vision will continue as planned and will launch one full year of “Love Has No Limits” this July 2020, building up to the arrival of our global team in July 2021. We are charging all LA area team members, Serve Centers, partners and faith communities to join us now through next year by uniting and participating in several serve opportunities and social initiatives. Many of these opportunities are available for participation now at LoveHasNoLimits.com and more will be added in the coming months. If you live in Southern California, we encourage you to get involved in loving our community together in unity in 2020.

For team members who plan on traveling from outside of Southern California for 1DayLA, know that all team registrations that we’re made at 1DayLA.com will be transferred to the new 2021 dates as of May 15, 2020. All trip funds will also transfer to the 2021 trip dates including deposits as of May 15, 2020. If the new 2021 dates create a conflict and you are unable to attend, we will continue to hold your trip funds for an additional 12 months until August 1, 2022 to apply them to a new trip, either domestic or international. Note that new trips for 2022 and beyond will be added in the coming 18 months. A donation to 1DayLA (whether designated for a project or a team member’s trip) is, like nearly all charitable donations in the United States, not refundable. Among other reasons, each contribution to a team member’s 1DayLA trip is a tax-deductible donation to a U.S. 501(c)3 organization and is not payment for a good or service.

If you haven’t already, we encourage you to join the 2021 Team! Over the next 14 months, you’ll have a front row seat to a historic wave of momentum. Our faith is extended for EVEN GREATER results than originally dreamt – An even greater global coalition, an even greater local LA coalition, an even greater number of needs met, an even greater number of people reached, an even greater display and model of love for our nation.

As always, our thoughts and prayers of protection surround you and your family. Thank you for standing with us and choosing to be a part of history.

For LA,

1DayLA Leadership